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Hi there.

I'm Craig Connell, Digital Designer.

I care about user experience
and customer conversion.

And I'd like to work with you.


Fourteen years ago I apprenticed at a local printers. My boss was crazy, but I’ll never forget what he did for me. He introduced me to Photoshop.

And that changed my life.

Eventually, nightclub flyers and filter effects faded away and I found interest in the psychology and persuasion of design, the emotions it evokes, the place it has in peoples day to day lives and the bad font choices I would learn to love to hate.
I’ve dabbled in motion graphics, video production and animation, splashed out marketing budgets and invested heavily in audio production; but despite having huge interest and a vague sense of skill in those areas, they aren't my vocation. Design is. Interaction is.

Design is why I stay up late, why I’m forever reading blogs, watching TED talks, trying new frameworks, workflows, software, not giving my girlfriend the attention she wants and why I get up at 2am to sketch down new ideas.
I’ve had a range of clients across travel, entertainment, media, retail and the NHS. I love advertising, marketing, copywriting and coding, using each skill when required, and working to bridge gaps across teams in commercial environments. 

I’m happy to leave art for enjoyment, and design for purpose. I design for the business, and I design for the user.



One of two lead designers for 'Project Rio'; a mobile first, e-commerce shift from a primarily brochure-led company. Initially an eight week contract, after two years I had implemented a new image across 7 markets and designed & wrote the internal style guide for content teams across Europe. During my years here I also led the QA test team and ran workshops and ideas sessions for stakeholders and team members.

Agile workflows, sprint plans for release (post build), scrum environment.

Since completion of the website online sales account for 50% of the business revenue, up from 17%, and has in excess of one million visitors per month.

Key areas

  • Identifying personas and mapping user journeys before wireframing navigation and content sections. Wireframes were decided from the results of journey mapping and consultation with stakeholders. Sketched on paper initially and refined in Illustrator. A range of designs for mobile devices and scenarios were provided for sign-off.
  • Progression to Photoshop for UI design. However, the custom CMS required content areas designing as individual components, everything from buttons to text sections, offer banners, rich media areas etc. I was ever aware that page designs could be broken down to component parts and moved around the site at will, whilst needing to retain a coherent feel and work across devices. I designed around 75 component templates for use by content teams.
  • Exception to that rule was my design of product (campsite) pages. These are static and had to be changed by developers. Despite being wireframed initially, A/B split tests have provided a variety of iterations.
  • Later we were able to get other software signed off, so began using Axure for rapid prototyping of the new booking system.

Lee Rigby Partnership

Overhaul of previous website which converted zero customers. The new look is professional, approachable and above all easy to find information and make contact. Works on mobile devices with all copy written by myself.

Key areas

  • Thorough design brief completed by the client with strict goals to improve customer contact and improve image in professional circles whilst enhancing approachability for public clients.
  • Wireframed from spec and (very minimal) provided content. I used Sketch for initial wireframes and sign-off before continuing UI in Sketch.
  • Prototyping was done using InVision, providing a great means of feedback for myself and visualisation for the client.

MB Cleaning Services

After the success of a landing page design for MB Cleaning, they wanted to expand for a wider and audience. 
A full, multi-page e-commerce site was designed and built in wordpress for easy client content editing.

Cottonmouth Studios

Full mobile/responsive design and build. Wordpress content managed.

Toast Recordings

Not yet live, current in staging - Wordpress design and build.

MB Cleaning v1

Single page website to act as an online brochure. Improved current branding with prominent calls to action.

Kitchens UK

A series of websites for a high-turnover kitchen manufacturer


Original designs below with ongoing updates to current live e-commerce site.

Pro Money

Landing page and email marketing


Design and Build of Wordpress content managed site 
(now under separate content control)

What works is good, integrated design that fills a need - carefully thought out, well executed, and tested.

Steve Krug

Don't make me think



Adobe CC

Balsamiq Mockups


User Testing